Specializes in janitorial services for medical offices and other facilities 
Office: 703-527-6990 Cell: 703-624-6286 E-mail: medicleaninc@aol.com / jose@medicleanservicesinc.com

Mediclean Services, Inc. is a full service contract cleaning firm specializing in.

• Contract Cleaning

• Carpet Cleaning Programs

• Garage Cleaning

• Construction Cleaning

• Interior Glass window cleaning

• Floors Care

Medical Office Cleaning

  • Infection Control by using the proper disinfectants and identifying high-touch areas where infections spread
  • Enhance Indoor Air Quality with the latest equipment and proper methods and procedures
  • Quality Control Program – We Monitor, Improve and Analyze Cleaning Results to Ensure Consistency
  • Daily Cleaning Programs – Custom designed to the specific needs of your healthcare based facility
  • OSHA Compliant – We Understand and follow all OSHA Guidelines
  • Cost Effective and Price Sensitive -For all customers large or small
  • Excellent Referrals Available – Real feedback from real customers in the healthcare industry that have partnered with Brokate Janitorial to help with their Environmental Services (EVS).

Our Services

  • Understanding Medical Facilities
  • Staff briefed in HACCP cleaning
  • Sterile Environment Cleaning
  • Cleaning Medical & Clinic Facilities
  • Kitchens, Cafes, Administration & Non-Operative Areas
  • Low and High Risk Areas
  • Carpet Sweeping and Scrubbing

“We clean a large number of the medical facilities in Virginia, and have taken the approach of cleaning all of our facilities as if they were a medical building. When you factor in employee and customer sicknesses spread by surfaces not being properly disinfected, it’s easy to understand why every facility could use a higher standard of cleaning” said Jose T. Hernandez, President of Medi-Clean INC