Specializes in janitorial services for medical offices and other facilities 
Office: 703-527-6990 Cell: 703-624-6286 E-mail: medicleaninc@aol.com / jose@medicleanservicesinc.com

The guiding principle driving our operations at all times is strong supervisory management of the on-site workforce coupled with continuous coordination with the clients. Our strong continued presence in a challenging and competitive market like the Northern Virginia area for nearly two decades is a testament to our experience and commitment to quality.
Over the years, we have come to understand that providing Class A
custodial service is not just about providing a clean building.
Indeed, equally important is being attuned to the varied and changing needs of our clients. We recognize that we are a service business above all else, and we understand that we are servicing people, not buildings. In our commitment to providing Class A custodial service, our goal is to lay a foundation for a long-standing relationship with our clients. We combine strong supervision with highly individualized service to achieve this goal. We believe that longevity in the industry, as well as longevity in our relationship with our customers, is an honest measure of our success. We at Mediclean Services, Inc. take great pride in the fact that the vastmajority of our relationships with our clients have spanned nearly a decade when the standard custodial contract term averages just around three years. We believe that the key to our success has been our ability to anticipate and respond to the ever changing and fluid demands of our clients. Indeed, not all custodial companies
are alike. We encourage you to experience the difference.