Specializes in janitorial services for medical offices and other facilities 
Office: 703-527-6990 Cell: 703-624-6286 E-mail: medicleaninc@aol.com / jose@medicleanservicesinc.com

Mediclean Services, Inc. is a local company headquartered in Vienna, Virginia that exclusively serves Northern Virginia; We believe that, as a local company, we are able to offer a number of unique benefits
to our clients: • Our presence in the Northern Virginia region for nearly two decades has enabled us to develop loyal, long-standing relationships with our vendors and suppliers. As such, we are able to obtain and pass on to our clients the best prices and resources available
in the industry.             
As a local company with strong ties to this region, our clients receive the highest degree of attention and care from thehighest levels of management at Mediclean Services, Inc. including the owner and president of the Company who regularly inspects the properties himself on a random basis. In addition, our less bureaucratic corporate structure enables us to provide close
oversight of the on-site personnel from our main office and maintain tighter quality control, which better ensures uniformity, reliability and Class A quality of service.