Specializes in janitorial services for medical offices and other facilities 
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Mediclean Services, Inc. has grown considerably over the years thanks to the hard-work and commitment to quality from every member of our cleaning team. Every member of management started out by spending years cleaning inside facilities in the Virginia area, learning the business from the ground up. Below is some information about management at Mediclean Services, Inc.

  • Full-time phlebotomist
  • Part-time record keeper
  • Part-time custodian
  • Full-time anesthesiologist
  • Part-time nurse
  • Full-time assistant
  • Part-time physical therapist
  • Full-time facilities manager

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Proper cleaning procedures are important to improve the health for both employees and patients within a facility. Although Environmental Services (EVS) may represent only a small fraction of a medical facility’s budget, the importance of having clean and sterile environments is absolutely critical to the functioning of the facility.

Mediclean Services, Inc. uses the hospital grade chemicals, top of the line equipment, and a well trained staff to ensure your facilities is clean and healthy. Call (703)-527-6990 to request a Free Quote for any of our cleaning services around Virginia area.

Our founder, Jose T. Hernandez


Our management team will ensure a full service specification on all tasks, education and training for cleaning staff and ensure measurement and audit reports to ensure your facility is being cleaned with accountability.