Specializes in janitorial services for medical offices and other facilities 
Office: 703-527-6990 Cell: 703-624-6286 E-mail: medicleaninc@aol.com / jose@medicleanservicesinc.com



Local Company

Mediclean Services, Inc is a local company headquartered in Vienna, Virginia that exclusively serves Northern Virginia; We believe that, as a local company. we are able to offer a number of unique benefits to our clients...

Mediclean Services, Inc.  is a full-service custodial company that has served the Northern Virginia region for over 20 years. We provide a complete range of custodial services to commercial and medical properties, including medical office space, data centers.

The guiding principle driving our operations at all times is strong supervisory management of the on-site workforce coupled with continuous coordination with the clients. Our strong continued presence in a challenging and competitive market like Virginia.